How To Sharing Internet USB Modem Via LAN Card

Good night guys computernet news. In this moment i will share my knowlage about "How To Sharing Internet USB Modem Via Lan Card" in your personal computer. just you now in global era internet need very importent.

1. you have 1 usb modem and you connect it in your PC
2. if you already connect you click start - type "VIEW NETWORK CONNECTION"

3.if you click will show pop up menu like picture

4.Click on your network use for modem and click right choice properties
5.will show pop up menu like the picture
6.after show pop up menu choice tab sharing like picture
7. you just checklist all off options in tab sharing like picture no 6. in HOME NETWORKING CONNECTION you choice network of your modem. after it you press ok. take will a minutes for system setting your sharing

 After you setting network share in your PC/Server now you setting network in Client/Host
1.Check in you PC/server if the setting was ready
*Click right in your network Lan card choice status
*Will show pop up menu just Click properties and choice "Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4 TCP/IP)
*Look a picture below
If already IP address then your setting is success.
2. setting in your network client PC
*Click right network lan card in PC client
*setting the ip addres,gateway,and DNS like a picture or like ip address in your PC Server but the different ip address in your PC client ( if in your PC Server ip address ) then in your PC client ( ) or same subnet
*set up the default gateway use ip address in your PC server
*as well as in DNS preferred use ip address PC Server
*Look a picture below
3. check connections. if you follow step by step would succeses

i think just it for this night, see you guys Computernet news
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